news / actualitÉs

September 2020

_ shooting NORD NORD MORD, leading episode role, director: Berno Kürten // networkmovie for ZDF

August 2020

_ shooting SOKO POTSDAM, leading episode role, director: Simon Ostermann // Bantry Bay for ZDF
_ dubbing for VAMPIRINA, small role, director: Klaus Peter Grap // SDI Media

July 2020

_ shooting short film NICHT NUR KÖRPER, main part, director: Frédéric Jaeger
_ dubbing for PROFILAGE, small part, director: Oliver Feld // Arena Synchron

June 2020

_ dubbing for CAPONE, ensemble, director: Christoph Cierpka // Neue Tonfilm München

May 2020

_ shooting DEFENDER & audioplay THEY CALL US USERS, directors: Stefan Panhans & Andrea Winkler

April 2020

_ dubbing parts in AVENUE 5, director: Michael Deffert - SPIRIT:WILD AND FREE, director: Susanne Boetius // Hermes Synchron

March 2020

_ dubbing of WESTWORLD III, role: Ash, director: Jürgen Wilhelm // Interopa Film GmbH